Zhenzhen Yu

ASSOCIATE Professor, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Director – Center for Welding, Joining, & Coatings Research (CWJCR)

Zhenzhen Yu


  • Ph.D. – Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
  • M.S. – Metallurgy and Materials Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
  • B.S. – Mechanical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), Shanghai, China


  • Joining of similar and dissimilar materials and simulation of materials behavior;
  • Determining processing-composition-microstructure-property relations in welds;
  • In-situ characterization of material transient states during welding, e.g., non-equilibrium phase transformation and stress evolution;
  • Welding consumables design


  • McKay-Helm Award for the paper “Austenitic Stainless-Steel Cladding Interface Microstructures Evaluated for Petrochemical Applications” printed in Feb. 2019 in Welding Journal
  • NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, 2019, “CAREER: Understanding of Diffusion and Deformation Mechanisms in Multi-Principal Element Alloy Interlayer for Manufacturing of Multi-Material Structures


  • American Institute for Metallurgical Engineering – The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (AIME – TMS)
  • American Welding Society (AWS) 
  • ASM international


  • MTGN 580A – Advanced Welding Metallurgy
  • MTGN 557 – Solidification
  • MTGN 442 – Engineering Alloys
  • MTGN 475/475L – Welding Metallurgy


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1.    X. Wu, Z. Wang, J.R. Bunn, L. Kolbus, Z. Feng, Z. Yu, S. Liu. “Control of Weld Residual Stress in a Thin Steel Plate through Low Transformation Temperature Welding Consumables”. Welding Journal. 99 (2020) 124-134. DOI: 10.29391/2020.99.012
  2.    Y. Gao, Z. Xue, Z. Yu. “Failure Mode Maps of Lap Joints under the Tensile Shear Testing Condition”. Extreme Mechanics Letters. 37 (2020) 100728. DOI: 10.1016/j.eml.2020.100728
  3.    R. Schoell, L. Xi, Y. Zhao, X. Wu, Z. Yu, P. Kenesei, J. Almer, Z. Shayer, D. Kaoumi. “In Situ Synchrotron X-ray Tomography of 304 Stainless Steels undergoing Stress Corrosion Cracking”. Corrosion Science. Accepted 4/16/2020
  4. J. Li, B. Schneiderman, S.M. Gilbert, A. Vivek, Z. Yu, G.S. Daehn. “Process characteristics and Interfacial Microstructure in Spot Impact Welding of Titanium to Stainless Steel”. Journal of Manufacturing Processes. 50 (2020) 421-429. DOI: 10.1016/j.jmapro.2019.12.036
  5. M. Gao, B. Schneiderman, S. M. Gilbert, Z. Yu. “Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Nickel-base Superalloy Brazed Joints”. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2019) 1-11. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11661-019-05386-8
  6. M. J. Andreassen, Z. Yu, J. Bunn, and J. H. Nielsen. “Experimental Study of Residual Stresses in Hybrid Laser Arc and Submerged Arc-Welded 10-mm-Thick Low-Carbon Steel Plates”. Materials Performance and Characterization 8 (2019). DOI: 10.1520/MPC20180134
  7. N. Switzner, Z. Yu, “Austenitic Stainless Steel Cladding Interface Microstructures Evaluated for Petrochemical Applications”. Welding Journal. 98 (2019) 50-61. DOI: 10.29391/2019.98.004



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