LASER System Final Report

LASER System Final Report

The Lunar Autonomous Scalable Emitter and Receiver (LASER) system, a project between the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Arizona, and sponsored by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium has released its LASER Final Report (12-2020).  This project is part of the NASA 2020 Big Idea Challenge and is focused on developing a wireless laser power transmission system to supply power for operations in ice-bearing permanently shadowed regions to enable lunar resource extraction.

Sowers, Dreyer, and Abbud-Madrid participate in lunar propellant study

Sowers, Dreyer, and Abbud-Madrid participate in lunar propellant study

A group of industry, government, and academic experts have just released the Commercial Lunar Propellant Architecture study, which looks at the approach, challenges, and payoffs of a private business that harvests and processes lunar ice as the foundation of a lunar, cislunar, and Earth-orbiting economy. Professors George Sowers, Chris Dreyer, and Angel Abbud-Madrid contributed to various technical and economic analyses of the study.

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