Colorado School of Mines’ first-of-its-kind graduate program in space resources was recently featured in a Denver Business Journal story.

From the article:

A new degree program at the Colorado School of Mines has opened a new frontier in the school’s expertise in natural resource extraction.

The Golden-based college’s has quietly been piloting graduate level classes for students interested in learning about mining and gathering natural resources from the moon, asteroids and elsewhere in space.

Next fall, its Center for Space Resources becomes home to a degree-granting program — the first of its kind and one that’s already attracting interest from around the country and world among students seeking to be pioneers of mining in space.

“Everything in this program is happening sooner than we expected and bigger than we expected,” said Chris Dreyer, an assistant research professor for the Center for Space Resources. Dreyer teaches the first space mining course in the world from his office desk at the School of Mines, looking on his computer screen at students logged in for discussions from three continents.