Mines selected to Moon to Mars X-Hab 2022 Challenge

Jun 10, 2021 | News

A team of Mines Space Resources graduate students was selected to develop innovative design ideas that will help NASA advance and execute its Moon to Mars exploration objectives. The selection is part of the 2022 Moon to Mars eXploration Systems and Habitation (M2M X-Hab) Academic Innovation Challenge, sponsored by NASA’s Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) division.

The Planetary Resource & In-Situ Material Habitat Outfitting for Space Exploration team composed of Peter Corwin, Michael Forlife, Thao Nguyen, Deven O’Rourke, and Keoni Sanny will choose items to further study from the areas of External Structures/Environmental Protection, Interior Products/Human Goods, and Life Support Systems & Consumables. The team will then create design drawings that will be produced with novel, in-situ production methods in mind. After collecting feedback on the drawings from industry partners, the team will begin a rapid prototyping campaign, including a scaled, analogue external shielding structure to match the sizing of a lunar inflatable habitat design. Meanwhile, the team will conduct part evaluation, mechanical, and installation testing in both crewed and uncrewed scenarios, including autonomous manufacturing and installation tests within the shielding structure.