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JANUARY, 2018  
Prof. George Sowers talked about the new Mines Space Resources program with Dr. David Livingston on the January 28th episode of The Space Show.

Prof. Richard Palin co-authored a Nature paper entitled, “The Divergent Fates of Primitive Hydrospheric Water on Earth and Mars,” offering clues on the loss of Mars’ ancient oceans.

Prof. George Sowers discusses space resources on recent episode of Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara on Colorado Public Television.
Prof. Angel Abbud-Madrid interviewed by Science and National Geographic regarding the implication of the recent discovery of ice cliffs on Mars for water availability for human missions to the Red Planet.
Profs. Jamal Rostami, Bill Eustes, and Chris Dreyer in collaboration with Thermal Space win NASA Early Stage Innovation grant to design an intelligent system to drill and characterize material in the lunar and Martian surfaces.


Mines Space Resources graduate program featured in China Red Star News.

On Friday, December 8, 2017, the Colorado School of Mines Board of Trustees unanimously approved the Space Resources Graduate Program, making it the first program of its kind in the world focused on educating scientists, engineers, economists, entrepreneurs, and policy makers in the developing field of space resources through Professional Certificates and Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees.

Prof. George Sowers article entitled, "Creating an Economy in Space," featured on Colorado Aerospace STEM Magazine.
Profs. Qi Han and Christopher Dreyer, along with collaborators from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, received a grant through the NASA Smallsat Technology Partnerships Initiative to develop and demonstrate new technologies and capabilities for small spacecraft.

Space Resources graduate program featured in WIRED magazine article by Sarah Scoles, entitled, "Want to Learn How to Mine in Space? There’s a School For You."

Profs. Junko Munakata Marr, Tzahi Cath, and Johan Vanneste have been awarded a NASA STTR Phase II award in collaboration with Mango Materials entitled, "A Novel, Membrane-Based Bioreactor Design to Enable a Closed-Loop System on Earth and Beyond," for potential production of plastics on the ISS and Mars.

Space Resources graduate program cited on Popular Mechanics as one of "the most innovative and exciting" programs in the nation, with Mines listed in the "Top Science and Tech Colleges" category.
Prof. Chris Dreyer will collaborate with Dr. Joel Sercel from TransAstra Corp. on a recent NASA SBIR Phase I award, entitled, "Microgravity Granular Material Research (MGMR) Facility for the International Space Station."
Graduate student Duc Nguyen was awarded a NASA Space Technologies Research Fellowship (NSTRF) to develop ceramic microchannel reactors for synthesizing fuel on the surface of Mars.  The Primary Investigator is Associate Professor Neal P. Sullivan of the Mechanical Engineering Department.


Dr. Chris Dreyer, Associate Director of Engineering at the CSM Center for Space Resources, was interviewed on Colorado Public Radio's Colorado Matters about his NASA NIAC-funded research on asteroid mining. Dreyer, who is teaching Mines' first space resources class this semester is part of the research team being led by TransAstra looking at the optical mining of asteroids to extract water to turn into rocket propellant.

Dr. Sowers testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space & Technology on September 7, 2017 about private sector exploration of the moon. Other witnesses included NASA’s director of advanced exploration systems and representatives from three private-sector companies that have expressed interest in pursuing lunar missions.

AUGUST, 2017

Dr. George Sowers has joined the Space Resources program as Professor of Practice in Mechanical Engineering. Until recently, Dr. Sowers was Vice President and Chief Scientist at United Launch Alliance (ULA), where he helped develop over a dozen launch systems, including the Atlas V. He was also the creator of the CisLunar 1000 vision promoted by ULA.

Prof. Ian Lange from Mines Economics & Business Division wins award from NASA's Emerging Space Office (ESO) for proposal entitled, "21st Century Trends in Space-Based Solar Power Generation and Storage."

JULY, 2017
Luxembourg becomes the first European nation to adopt a legal and regulatory framework recognizing that space resources are capable of being owned by private companies.
Prof. Chris Dreyer will collaborate with Dr. Joel Sercel from TransAstra Corp. on a recent NIAC Phase II award, entitled, "Optical Mining of Asteroids, Moons, and Planets to Enable Sustainable Human Exploration and Space Industrialization."

JUNE, 2017
A Mines student team took second place in the NASA RASC-AL Mars Ice Challenge by designing, building, and operating a drilling and extraction system to obtain water from a Mars soil/ice simulant at NASA Langley Research Center.
Dr. Angel Abbud-Madrid delivered a TEDx talk entitled “How to Live Off the Land in Space," on the importance of space resources utilization for the future of human and robotic space exploration
















































































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